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The most often asked question of those interested in the Orthodox Christian Faith is "how do I become a member?"  The simple answer is to come to our Sunday Services and then meet with the pastor afterwards.  There is no dress code; dress "modestly".  If after a period of weeks, one decides if he or she wants to join our church, then with the blessing of the priest you are made a "catechumen": one who is being taught the faith.  This is the second step (the first step is regularly attending Divine Liturgy).  The pastor will then conduct classes called "Orthodoxy 101" with you based on your schedule.  This is your third step.  Oftentimes these will be after Sunday service; other times they will be at another convenient day and time.  Our catechumenate usually lasts about a year; we want you to get comfortable worshipping with us and getting to know our people.  This time period can vary a bit from person to person; family to family.   Finally, after completing one's catechumenate, you will enter the Orthodox church usually by being baptized, chrismated and communed all in one service.  Sometimes, if you have been baptized in another tradition, you will be brought in by chrismation and communion; we have guidelines that determine which is suitable.  Have more questions?  Don't call on the phone or text!  Just come to Sunday Services!  Don't be shy.  Take a step of faith.  We are quite friendly. 


Additionally, although our parking lot looks small, most of our people park either right on Bellemeade Avenue in front of the church (on both sides of the road), or on the side-streets of Walnut Lane or Lombard Street (which is extra wide).  There is abundant parking!  It will be the same distance as going to Wal-mart except you will be walking from a street and not a parking lot.  We hope to see you soon!

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